Mod Feedback Post
As mods, we're always interested in your feedback and input. If you have any complaints, suggestions, or concerns regarding the moderators please don't hesitate to leave a comment below! Anonymous commenting is enabled, comments will be automatically screened, and IP tracking is turned off, making your comments are completely anonymous, so please do not hesitate to honestly comment on this post

With that said, we do have a few small rules that we ask that you observe. We reserve the right to remove, suspend, or alter this post in any way we see fit if we find members are consistently failing to follow them.
1. Keep it PG-13. EGL is a PG-13 rated community, so please refrain from using swear words, racial slurs, or any other kind of extreme language.
2. Avoid personal attacks based on appearance, fashion sense, or a moderator's personal life. Please use your better judgment about what is a reasonable complaint (Something a mod's friend of significant other said or did? Not fair game. Mod talking about comm members? Fair game)
3. No flaming! In other words, if you're going to insult someone, back it up with some evidence or explanation. Here are some examples:
  • Bad: "I hate superkawaiieglmod700 and she's a big fat meanie!!!!" This is considered flaming because you're insulting someone without providing any explanation, justification, or avenue for improvement. We can't really work with a comment like this- we have no idea why you think superkawaiieglmod700 is a big fat meanie, and therefore there's no way we can help her fix it.
  • Good: "I hate superkawaiieglmod700 and I think she's a big fat meanie! She rejected my sales post and sent me a rude note about my items." This is better. You've explained why you think superkawaiieglmod700 is a big, fat meanie- and that means she can start taking steps to fix the problem.
  • Best: "I hate superkawaiieglmod700 and I think she's a big fat meanie! She rejected my sales post and sent me a rude note about my items. I didn't like her tone at all, and I was especially offended when she said 'Your dress is stupid and ugly.' In the future, I think mods should explain their decisions without insulting users. I would feel more comfortable if she had clearly explained why my item was inappropriate for sale based on quality or look rather than a rude opinion statement." This is the best kind of comment. You've clearly explained what you found offensive or upsetting, and provided the way you'd like to see it fixed.
Once more, please keep in mind that all comments will be automatically screened, IP tracking is turned off, and you may post anonymously if you wish, making your comments completely anonymous if need be. However, if you feel comfortable doing so,  you may leave a comment while signed into an account or leave an email that we may use to contact you at the end of your message. Unfortunately, if you do not leave an email or are not signed into an account, we will not be able to reply to your comment or ask for follow up information if any is needed. You're welcome to use a sock account or junk email if you do not wish to use your primary ones.

Anon-enabled Anonymous Report Center
Anonymous comments are enabled here. Additionally, IP tracking is turned off, so please don't worry that we'll be keeping some kind of record of your personal data so we can hunt you down- that's not what this post is for. Please report complaints for both EGL and the sales community here. If you are commenting with your username, please use the respective community's normal ARC.

Please note that only admins have access to this post at this time, so your requests may be handled less speedily than in the normal ARCs.

Finally, if you want a reply or simple confirmation of your complaint's reciept, please leave an e-mail address where you can be contacted (a dummy account is just fine). Due to the fact that messages left here may not be handled for up to 48 hours, please make a free account on a site like Yahoo or rather than a temporary e-mail site like 10minutemail.


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