EGL Admin Team (egladmin) wrote,
EGL Admin Team

Anon-enabled Anonymous Report Center

Anonymous comments are enabled here. Additionally, IP tracking is turned off, so please don't worry that we'll be keeping some kind of record of your personal data so we can hunt you down- that's not what this post is for. Please report complaints for both EGL and the sales community here. If you are commenting with your username, please use the respective community's normal ARC.

Please note that only admins have access to this post at this time, so your requests may be handled less speedily than in the normal ARCs.

Finally, if you want a reply or simple confirmation of your complaint's reciept, please leave an e-mail address where you can be contacted (a dummy account is just fine). Due to the fact that messages left here may not be handled for up to 48 hours, please make a free account on a site like Yahoo or rather than a temporary e-mail site like 10minutemail.

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